Massive Explosion 'Heart' Towards Jiyoung, Zico, Ukwon, Ilhoon, BLOCK B & EXO

oh! lebih satu tahun senyap, tetiba gatal nak post pulak. he3.

banyak fanfics yang aku dah baca, semua related to our Jiyoungie, my beloved sister. ahaks. Sampai satu masa aku dah ship dia dengan ramai idols. Because she's shippable with anyone! there's a line up waiting to be accomplished with me, that I need somebody to release the feels! gosh, Jiyoung is so lucky because there's none who can have such good place as her, in my life.

It begins with Exo D.O Kyungsoo, then Baekhyun.. Luhan, Suho, Kai..  during crazy day for EXO, and then it disappeared once they started to get massive love from girls all around the world. Almost for everydays, fanfics advertised and reupdated  is only EXO stories. Damn! It makes my feel towards EXO slowly vanished by times. Then Ilhoon cames and I started to be JingHoon shipper. We have I love them, you know >.<. We have  Too Sweet To forget by my favourite all times author ---> -wiltingFlower-  [psssss.. where are you going dear Hana? comeback please.. I missss you dear !! ] we have talked a lot abt JingHoon, and happy though we know that JingHoon shipper isn't everywhere as Kaijing, JiMin, JingHun, etc. [I tend to choose Ilhoon over EXO feels.. but for Luhan, I'll approve it as Ilhoon's bcs they're fit to each other ]

Sorry ;(

Then bAAAMMMPPPP I've found BLOCK B!!! and I've already fallen over heels with charismatic leader and producer Zico!! Dancer Kwonie! these Block B guys that just able to light up my life since KARA's crisis. P.O, Kyung, Taeil, Jaehyo and B-Bomb! to the point that I've already succeed in searching all their variety shows, videos and mp3s , showcases (SUBBED ONLY) and now, I just get to see them everyday! yay for it! they're soooo funny and I love their songs!

I was having bad days, but Block B just came at the right times that I could finally pass this hard stage. Tbh, I hope Jiyoung will continue her journey with KARA, if not our Hara will miss her damn much.. (this way happened once during SS501's crisis before they finally separated (not disbanded, okay) and I hope they'll find their way back together, in the future. Since I'll always be Triple-S !!

I just hope to see some miracles and interactions between KARA and Block B.. mainly between Jiyoung and these talented guys!! Still remember, Kyung once  said that Jiyoung is his ideal type and gosh, i giggled and surprise enough with his revealation. Our Zico.. he's just sooo into girl whose has beautiful thighs. And Jiyoung has all that he wants in ideal girl!

I've got to release the boundless love towards Ukwon and Jiyoung, -wiltingFlower- made one for me.. it's a very beautiful yet sad, slice of angst and fluffy lit bit.. all feelings tangled in a story that I can't explain how good is this one, Jiyoung gets two guys for her which are Ilhoon and Ukwon, and I am happily approving to this pairings. You should try to read this, it's awesome! The tittle is DANDELION I can guarantee dears. For massive love towards Jiyoung and Zico, I get this through a story by Mathxls, called 'Autumn Heart'. An arranged marriage story!!! I looiiikkeee a lot!

is it pretty? a bit cheesy.. heeee.. I KNOW I KNOW!! kekekkeeee...

check those stories okay..




Okey. Well. Belajar selagi ada peluang, kan?

" Kejarlah ilmu sampai ke negeri China "


Posters asianfanfics.com [my fv author]

It's been a long time tak menconteng blog..
as always, nak bagitau FF apa yang menarik sekarang..

kiki.. ni baru jumpa.. dari favourite author aku. sweet_skies

and this is.. Jiyoung FF..
Taemin, Jing and Kai




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